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Speaking is one of the fastest ways to show up, do a talk, and get more patients in 1 hr than you would from a whole month of networking.  When you speak, you can reach more people at once with what you want to share.  Imagine being in demand, and people coming to you already wanting to work with you.

But most of what’s taught about speaking and growing your practice assumes you’re an extrovert.  30-50% of people are introverts. That’s why it doesn’t work for you.  We introverts need a different approach.

Learn more about what you will experience during the event.

This is for you if you enjoy teaching and sharing what you know, but….
*You’re tired of putting in all this effort and people aren’t showing up for your talks/workshops,

*You wish you had a more predictable way of getting consistent clients (and even making passive income!) from your talks, without being salesy,

*You have a busy practice, and you don’t want to be any busier with patients.  You often find yourself saying “I don’t have time”. The problem is you’re not making money when you’re not there. You can’t go on vacation without having a dip in income or worrying whether your patients/clients will be taken care of when you’re gone. You need a proven system that works, so you can stop trading dollars for hours and start cashing in on your expertise.


30-50% of us are introverts.  We don’t like making small talk and constantly ‘putting ourselves out there’ is not our thing.  The idea of doing 3 talks per week like many extroverts do feels exhausting. We introverts need a different approach to speak and become in demand.

It’s time that we introverted visionary leaders change our broken healthcare system from being all about drugs & surgery, to becoming truly integrated so people actually get better and stay healthy.  People are suffering and not getting the care they need.  We introverts have natural gifts that extroverts don’t have.  You’re the ones who can lead the change in this movement in your unique way.  But people need to know you exist.  Is it your time to get known and have a quantum leap in your practice?

l We are getting together for an inspiring and life-changing three  days at a beautiful resort in Scottsdale, AZ (it’s perfect & relaxing for us introverts).  You’ll learn how to make a name  for yourself quickly through speaking, and how to set things up so you walk away with  patients/clients more predictably through your talks, the introverted way.  Start becoming in demand as a go-to expert,  have people seeking YOU out…and finally be paid very well (6 or 7 figures, in fact) for doing what feeds your soul.

You’ll walk away with your new introverted 6 or 7-figure speaking, automate, and get paid plan (including how to make passive income through speaking).

Learn more about what you will experience during the event.


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If you’re wanting to make a bigger difference doing what you love, without having to do it the exhausting extroverted way, 6-Figure Speaking Secrets for Introverts is a not-to-be missed event to put on your calendar Dec 1-3, 2017.

Is it your time to step boldly into your Introvert Power & make 6 or 7 figures by speaking your truth?

Benefit from your 6-Figure Speaking Secrets for Introverts ticket even BEFORE you join us live.

Secure your ticket TODAY, and get INSTANT ACCESS to these pre-event gifts for registering now:

Bonus Training #1: “How to Use Video and Facebook Live to Fill Up Your Talks, Without Having to Put Flyers Up or Leave the House” 
(including the exact templates & video script)

imagesBonus Training #2: “How to Attract Affluent Clients to Your Practice, and Make 6 or 7 Figures with Ease” 

In this BONUS training you’ll discover:

  • The top 2 secrets to attracting affluent clients to your practice, who are ready to pay you for your services
  • The secret to a naturopathic doctor attracting affluent clients
    to fly from around the world to see him in Phoenix (and how you can too)
  • Never hear another “I can’t afford it” again
  •  Tap into the 13.5 million households with a net worth of half a million dollars or more

Reserve your 6-Figure Speaking Secrets for Introverts ticket now to get these FREE live BONUS training calls before the live event.


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Some of what you will experience….


Most of us have a knowing that we’re unique. You know you have introverted qualities & gifts that extroverts don’t have.   But it’s one thing to “know” you are unique, and it’s another to communicate it to easily get yourself booked as a speaker. When you uncover & embody your uniqueness as a speaker, you won’t have competition.  People will start to seek you out, and you will start to attract patients/clients you really enjoy working with.  This is an introvert’s dream.

When people “get it”, the word will get around about you. You will have credibility and be seen as an expert. People will start calling YOU, wanting you to speak. It will also help you easily fill up your talks.

Imagine you not only speaking your truth, but also creating a movement that will carry on from generation to generation.

During the event, you will experience clarity on your unique “Book Me” Factor, so people hear about you & want to book you


How do you get consistent paid speaking opportunities? Every person’s 6 or 7-figure speaking & get paid business model is different.  What’s the right one for you? (And you won’t have to buy people lunch or dinner to do talks, like how some practice management companies teach you to do)

You’ll come away with how to design a speaking and get paid business model that’s right for you.  For some of you, this may mean working 3 days/week making the impact you want to make, and making 6 (even 7 figures) while doing it.  You’ll learn ways to stop trading dollars for hours by speaking.  Come away with clarity about unconventional business models that work to allow flexibility in your life…and that you have not thought of before.

You’ll be able to take vacations or take time off when you want to, without worrying about patients not getting the care they need while you’re gone.  Continue to bring money in even when you’re not there.


We introverts need a different approach with getting booked.  We don’t like to be pushy or salesy, and we don’t like cold calling.

Learn which topics are most booked…and why?

Learn my latest insider secrets of what’s working right now to get your foot in the door for speaking engagements, the introverted way. You’ll also learn exactly what to say to get yourself booked on the spot. Imagine not having to cold call people and not hear back.  Start making a name for yourself, so people start calling YOU wanting you to speak.

Also get behind-the-scenes tips on how to fill up your talks effortlessly, so you’re not disappointed by people not showing up for your talks.  Imagine always be speaking to roomful of people who want to hear what you have to say.

When you have an approach that gets you booked, you can hand it over to someone else to do it for you.  You can just show up, do your talk, and walk away with patients/clients from it.


You will learn simple ways to significantly increase (even double your conversions…or more) from each talk, without being salesy.  It’s not just what happens in the close that can double your conversions.  Increasing your conversions start happening from the beginning of the talk, and even before it!  Learn insider secrets of what to do before, during, and after a talk that can lead to doubling your conversions (and income).

When you can double (or even just increase your conversions by 10%), you can do fewer talks and walk away with the same or MORE clients.

You will also learn 5 ways to maximize each of your speaking efforts for more clients, more income, and more speaking opportunities.  Most speakers miss this and leave hundreds or thousands of dollars on the table.

With this proven system, you’ll be able to turn one speaking opportunity into many, and never be wondering how to book or fill up your next talk.


When you have the other steps in place, we can work on putting things in place so that you make money from speaking when you’re asleep.

Instead of having to always get out the door and do a talk, learn Chen’s never-shared-before secrets of getting speaking on autopilot so you’re impacting people (AND making money from it), even when you’re not speaking live.  Once this starts happening for you, you can start enjoying making money from anywhere (you could be in Europe and money and clients are coming in the door!)

You will learn specific strategies to get leads on autopilot, money coming in online, and how to make passive income effortlessly through speaking.  Once you crack the code for this, you can be making an extra $5,000-10,000+/mo without all the 1-on-1 work you may normally do with clients.


Your ticket to the event includes a ticket to a special treat that you’ll find relaxing and fun.  You’ll be able to relax in a comfortable setting.  If I feel guided to, I’ll share what it is with you before the event.  Otherwise, just know that I’ll be taking good care of you.


Life-Saver-iconStart using this so you become more comfortable with navigating through networking functions that you used to dread.

You will find yourself feeling at ease with these conversations, and even get clients or referrals from using it!


Step-by-step templates and scripts that will be released for the first time.  If you’ve worked with me, you know how valuable my done-for-you templates and scripts are.  You can start using them right away to attract patients/clients/passive income to your practice by speaking, in a way that’s comfortable for you.

Upgrade to the VIP Lunch Experience with 6 & 7 Figure Experts for only $194.



  • Relax and let yourself be taken care of at a beautiful specially-reserved spot of the resort with 3 gourmet lunches – treat yourself, so you’ll be filled with recharged energy for our work together.
  • VIP access to 6 & 7-figure guest experts. These are experts who normally charge $10k and up to pick their brain 1-on-1.
  • Connect in a unique relaxed setting with these 6 & 7-figure experts that you’re getting access to only because of my circle of connections.  Allow them to give you guidance on your business.  Many business breakthroughs happen during this time.
  • Surround yourself with people who are serious about their business, and develop relationships that can help you grow your business.  I’ve met someone during a VIP lunch experience I attended at someone else’s event, and not only has it been a wonderful connection but our relationship has made me five figures so far.  That’s the caliber of the kind of person who typically will upgrade to a VIP 6 & 7 Figure Expert lunch experience.
  • foodYour vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and other eating needs will be accommodated for.  I will hand-select the menu with your needs in mind.  The VIP lunch experience is at my cost and an exclusive opportunity for you to treat yourself to the full experience while getting business savvy advice and making connections that can help you grow your business.



Write to event@fillmyholisticpractice.com with any questions about travel logistics, special eating needs, or anything you need to make your experience enjoyable. Read the FAQs below for answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Where is the event location?

It’s in Scottsdale, AZ (in South Scottsdale) close to restaurants, shopping, and downtown South Scottsdale.  The resort is located 15 min from Phoenix Sky Harbor airport.
Where should I fly into?
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.  Many major airlines fly into Phoenix.  Phoenix is a major hub for Southwest and US Airways.

How much is the hotel?

The rooms are $309/night at this beautiful resort.  We were able to negotiate an amazing hotel rate for you – there are limited room blocks for $159/night.  You will be given the booking link & phone number for reserving at the special room block rate, as well as the name & address of the hotel after you register.   There are other hotel options within walking distance to choose from, although most people choose to stay at the event hotel for convenience and to receive the full event experience that’s been thoughtfully planned for you.

Can I share a room?

Absolutely, and it is encouraged. You can make those arrangements yourself if you know someone you want to share with.  If you’ve been a part of one of our programs (ie, Fill My Practice Fast Immersion or Consistent Clients Makeover Mentorship for Introverts), post in the private Facebook page of the program.  Or email us at event@fillmyholisticpractice.com now, and we will assist you with that.

What is the itinerary, so I may plan my trip?

Plan on arriving by Thursday evening at the latest.  We will start by 8:30am on Friday, December 1st.
Plan on leaving the hotel no earlier than 5pm on Sunday, December 3rd.  We will complete by 4:30pm on Sun.
There will be early evening activities (don’t worry, these will be introvert-friendly ones you’ll enjoy) on Fri & Sat and we look forward to hosting you.

Day 1 will be about Stepping Boldly Into Your Introvert Power & Claiming Your Uniqueness as a Speaker
Learn proven ways to fill up your talks, or get yourself booked easily for speaking engagements!  Let’s start positioning You as a Go-To Expert, so people come to you asking you to speak.

Day 2 will be about Designing Your Introverted 6 & 7-Figure Speak and Get Paid Plan.
You’ll also learn how to double your conversions (or income), and multiply each speaking opportunity into many clients,
additional speaking opportunities, OR passive income.

Day 3 will be about how to put things on Autopilot, so you can get automated leads and make money from speaking even when you’re asleep.

(plus Chen’s secrets about growing a multi-6-figure business primarily through speaking in around two years that she’s never shared before)

Why isn’t there a more specific hour-by-hour itinerary?

This is unlike a medical conference with strict hour-by-hour “lectures”.  Come for a unique event experience that will allow you to come away with a powerful visionary leader’s 6 & 7-figure speak and get paid plan, plus the step-by-step approach to have a quantum leap in your practice this year through speaking your truth.  Leave it up to us to take good care of you (see our 100% refund guarantee below).

Is food included?

You are on your own for lunches.  If you upgrade to the VIP 6 & 7 Figure Expert Lunch experience, you will not only have VIP access to speak directly to 6 & 7-figure experts who can give you guidance on your business, but also eat gourmet lunches with other introverted holistic practitioners who are serious about growing their businesses.  Upgrade now.


icon_30dmbg_lgBecause we’re so confident in the marketing and practice growing training you’ll receive at 6-Figure Speaking Secrets for Introverts LIVE, if for some reason you are not happy and you feel we’re not delivering on what is promised here, simply turn-in all your materials before the end of the first day, let us know why, and we will mail you a check for a full 100% refund of your ticket investment within 30 days.  You must show up at the live event to qualify for this refund guarantee.  We want to help make your decision to attend 6-Figure Speaking Secrets for Introverts Live an easy one and we can’t wait to welcome you to this special event.

Register now to claim your ticket, and start imagining what it will be like to experience stepping into your uniqueness as a speaker, make a powerful impact on our healthcare system, and start making 6 or 7 figures on by speaking your truth. Your life will never be the same!